About us



We are a new postcards shop, inspired by the international project - Postcrossing. It is always such a pleasure to make someone happy by sending a very special postcard. So we decided to share some interesting postcard ideas with other postcrossers.


Seller offers original, colourful, cute, funny or just non-traditional postcards.

The author of the majority of postcards is Kastytis Plančiūnas. Also you will find other great postcards with pictures made by other authors (all rights belongs to these authors). operates as indvidual practise entity under the law of Lithuanian Respublic.


If you have good ideas to share please do not hesitate to contact us.  Please send your samples via e-mail: .

Return policy

If you don't like the postcards you received, it is always possible to return it to us in it's original condition. Returns are available within 10 days starting the day when postcards were actually received. Buyer covers all costs related to  the shipping. The postcards must be shipped back  with tracking number, otherwise the money will not be refunded. Refund is made in 24 hours after items are received.

If buyer wrote incorrect shipping address and the package was returned to us by the post office, we will refund  your money minus shipping costs or send the item again with additional sum of money, which covers shipping costs. This is also applied to cases when buyer does not take parcel from the post office and it is returned to us.

Before returning item, please inform us by email: